Privacy policy

We are not interested in names, addresses, or other information providing insight into the identities of our visitors, but we do log and use some of the data you provide. We recognise that privacy is important and we want you to completely understand what happens with the information you send to us.

Like all websites, we log information that your web browser provides us with, such as your current IP address, operating system, and possibly the URL of the website you came from. This information is handled anonymously. For example, we do not track which browser a specific visitor uses, but we may index how many of our visitors use Internet Explorer or chart how many of our users visit our service from France. The information mentioned in this paragraph is not shared with other parties, unless such should be ordered by a court of law.

We place cookies to store preferences on your computer, for your convenience. For example, we use a cookie to store which language you last chose to display our website in, allowing us to automatically choose your desired language next time you visit. We do not use these cookies to identify computers or individuals or companies.

We store files you send in for scanning and share these with anti-malware companies. We do this to help anti-malware companies improve the detection accuracy of their security products. We treat your files confidentially and we trust the anti-malware companies we share your files with will do the same, but obviously we cannot exercise control over third parties or make promises on their behalf. Your files will be analysed (and thus read) by security analysts. If you do not want other people or companies reading your files, please do not send these files in for scanning. Files are not shared with entities outside the anti-virus/security industry.